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Ornaments & Decor

Plastic Plants

Plastic Plants

Notably natural looking Aqua One Plastic plants are superbly robust in any aquarium setting.The plants also have usefully heavy 'rocky' bases which are great for keeping them on the bottom of your setup even if you have large fish which insist on constant redecoration. Buying one of our multi packs represents a substantial saving over buying individual plants.

Silk Plants

Silk Plants

These are the softest, most beautiful, most realistic synthetic aquarium plants we have ever come across. They will not last quite as long as plastic ones but look so good and are, of course, far, far tougher than any real plant. These have rich, dark, burnished colours which will enhance your aquarium and display your fish rather than detracting from them. Buying one of our multi packs represents a substantial saving over buying individual plants.

Aquarium Backgrounds

Aquarium Backgrounds

Did you know that here at Aquarium Parts we now have one of the most comprehensive selections of aquarium backgrounds on the internet? Nothing will make a bigger difference to the look of your set up: great ornaments and backgrounds are almost more important than the fish and will hugely increase the pleasure you get from your aquarium. But don't take our word for it: come on in and browse...

Live Rock Style Ornaments

Live Rock Style Ornaments

These resin ornaments are safe in any aquarium and are styled to look like living rock complete with fascinating shapes and colourful coralline algae encrustations. Ideal for fish only marine set ups or any set up where a marine 'look' is required.

Landscape Rocks

Aqua One Landscape Rocks

The all new Aqua One landscape rock range is designed to attach to the back and sides of your set up using the supplied suction cups. In this manner the back of any aquarium can be turned into a rocky river bank with superbly realistic results - strongly recommended.

Rocky Formations

Rocky Formations - Aquarium Decor

These superb resin based rock formations are designed both to draw the eye and encourage your fish to explore. They make the perfect centre piece in any aquarium where natural appearance and style are a priority.

Coral Background Rocks

Coral Background Rocks

If you are looking for a bright, very realistic 'coral' background for your set up ( it doesn't need to be a marine tank) with lots of space for your fish to explore and easy removability for cleaning then look no further. The Aqua One Coral backgrounds are so much more than just plain old backgrounds - we bet you won't need to spend any more on décor once these are in place. Really impressive innovation from Aqua One.

Floating Ornaments

Floating Ornaments

These are pure fantasy fun and are already proving to be a best seller which will amuse the whole family. Ideal for fantasy themed aquariums, family owned set ups and those with a well-developed sense of aquarium humour.

Aerating Ornaments

Aerating Ornaments

Nothing brings an aquarium alive than a stream of silvery bubbles rising to the surface. Even better, the bubbles can be used to operate an aerating action ornament which adds another layer of fun and interest. There is a wide range to choose from and it's a great opportunity to get the kids involved.



The classic aquarium ornament has come a long, long way. Having a sunken shipwreck for your aquarium is still great fun, but now the Aqua One range of shipwrecks look great, as though they sunk to the bottom of your aquarium hundreds of years ago. Fish love to explore these and the shipwrecks also provide valuable hiding places for baby fish or others who might need to rest during daylight hours.

Statues, Chests and Skulls

Statues, Treasure Chests and Skulls

Let your imagination run riot with Aqua One's exciting range of statues, treasure chests and skulls. Your fish will spend all day swimming backwards and forwards in and around your very own Easter Island. Fill your aquarium with mystery, courtesy of Aqua One and Aquarium Parts.

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Aqua One pH Down - 150ml

Aqua One pH Down - 150ml£5.49   £4.19

This safe, effective liquid will lower your aquarium ph in a controlled manner when used according to the clear instructions.

Advanced Media Set with Sintered Glass

Advanced Media Set with Sintered Glass£36.99   £18.99

Special Media pack containing Sintered Glass.

Complete Filter Media Renewal Kit for AquaStyle 850

Complete Filter Media Renewal Kit for AquaStyle 850£38.92   £26.99


Maintaining your AquaStyle aquarium was never easier... Keep your AquaStyle 850 Aquarium in fantastic order with our great value genuine Aqua One Complete Renewal Kit. The easiest and most cost effective aquarium maintenance solution, from Aquarium Parts and Aqua One!

Aqua One 'Self Cut' Carbon Pad for AquaReef Series

Aqua One 'Self Cut' Carbon Pad for AquaReef Series£12.99   £9.99

The Aqua One cut to size Carbon Pad is an ideal way to introduce the purifying benefits of Activated carbon to to your AquaReef filter and is suitable for AquaReef 195, AquaReef 275, AquaReef 300, AquaReef 400 and AquaReef 500 aquarium models.

Aqua One (95s) Sponge Foam Insert for AquaNano 25

Aqua One (95s) Sponge Foam Insert for AquaNano 25£6.30   £5.79

Genuine and Original Aqua One Foam sponge element to fit the Aqua Nano 25 micro aquarium, designed to trap larger particles of solid waste as well as having a supplemental role in providing a home to beneficial, aerating bacteria. Rinse in a little aquarium water to clean and replace every 20 weeks.

Aqua One (4i) Pump Impeller for AquaStyle 850 / 980 & UFO 700

Aqua One (4i) Pump Impeller for AquaStyle 850 / 980 & UFO 700£12.59   £11.59


Original Aqua One 4i replacement impeller for AquaStyle 850, AquaStyle 980 & UFO 700 Filter Pump

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