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Welcome to Aquarium Parts - The UK's Largest Stockist of Aqua One Spares

We are the only dedicated Aqua One retailer in the UK and stock the complete catalogue of spare parts for the entire Aqua One product range. We've been all Aqua One from day one and whatever your requirements, from filter cartridges to fluorescent tubes, or filter media to filter pumps and impellers we'll have it in stock.

Why Buy from us?

Apart from the fact that we stock the largest range of genuine Aqua One spare parts in the UK, there are many other reasons to choose Aquarium Parts. Here's a few...

  • UK's Lowest Prices
  • No Minimum Order
  • Same Day Despatch
  • Fast & Friendly Service
  • Just £2.99 Delivery per order
  • Free UK Delivery (on orders over £39)
  • Expert Help
  • Easy Order Process
  • Secure Payment System
  • Telephone Orders welcome
  • MultiBuy - Complete Service Kits
  • UK's Largest Aqua One Parts Supplier

Aqua One Quality... as always.

As an existing Aqua One customer you will already have an expectation of quality and innovation. That's why all spares available at Aquarium-Parts are original UK specification, Aqua One branded products. Trust us to help you maximise the long term health and success of your Aquarium Setup.

At Aquarium Parts, we know that you'll find just what you are looking for at the right price. From filter pumps to cartridges, from impellers to lighting, we can supply you with Genuine Aqua One spare parts for less.

Authorised Stockist


Choose your spares from our extensive range

Whether you are looking for one of our complete solutions or simply need to change your filter cartridge we've got it all. Look out for our extra special offers on all filter media, filter pumps and lighting. We are the longest established and largest Aqua One Parts supplier in both the United Kingdom and Europe.

Free UK Delivery, Fully Guaranteed...

We offer Free UK Delivery on all orders over £39 in value or charge just £2.99 towards the cost of shipping for smaller orders. Coupled with a Full Money Back Guarantee on all purchases, you can be totally confident in the expert service we provide.




The UK’s Foremost Aqua One Experts...

We’ve worked closely with Aqua One since they arrived in the UK eight years ago and, as you can see from the trickle filtration strip down video above, no one knows the Aqua One range as well as we do. Look out for more videos, helpful tips and expert advice scattered throughout the site.

No one knows Aqua One products in the depth that we do. Whatever you need, whatever problem you have, we’ve seen it all before and we can usually help. Pick up the phone or drop us a line; we’ll do our very best to help.

New Vibrance Plants - In stock, available now!

New Vibrance Plant Range - Available Now!


Massive Product Range...

Its easy for retailers to stock a few, key lines from the Aqua One range, but we are different: we try to stock everything. We were one of Aqua One’s very first retailers and we have grown together over the years, in partnership. As new products have arrived we have added them to our already extensive catalogue which seems to expand every week. As you would expect this has given us an unrivalled stock holding of all Aqua One products which enables us to serve our customers with items ranging from new door hinges all the way up to the largest new aquariums.

We are far from done and plan to bring you so many exciting new products over the next few months that we strongly advise you to look out for our newsletter arriving in your inbox. Watch this space……

* Find your Aqua One Aquarium Spares or find all you need at Aqua One Parts

Featured Products
Aqua One Salt Conditioning Tropical - 100g

Aqua One Salt Conditioning Tropical - 100g£2.89   £2.59

Conditioning salt is especially blended to increase. natural mucus production and add minerals and electrolytes to the aquarium water aiding your fish's natural defences against infection and helps to maintain water.

Aqua One High Performance Chiller 650

Aqua One High Performance Chiller 650£913.99   £699.00

This precision micro-controlled fully adjustable chiller will cool an aquarium of up to 650 litres when the aquarium water is circulated through it via a suitable pump or filter. Flow rates of up 10000 litres are accommodated.

Aqua One BioNood Ceramic Cylinders (250g pack)

Aqua One BioNood Ceramic Cylinders (250g pack)£9.99   £7.99  (4)

Bionood ceramic cylinders are supplied with both Aqua One's Aquarium Series and their excellent Aquis and Advance Canister Filters because they offer such excellent biological filtration capacity. Change a few regularly to maintain an efficient and stable bacterial population.

Aqua One Microscopic Clarifier Water Treatment - 150ml

Aqua One Microscopic Clarifier Water Treatment - 150ml£6.99   £5.99

This cunning coagulant will clear fine particles of waste or algae which are making your aquarium seem cloudy. Vastly increase your filter's ability to deal with the smallest waste.

Aqua One Orange Cabomba Plastic Plant (20cm) - 28190

Aqua One Orange Cabomba Plastic Plant (20cm) - 28190£8.29   £7.99  (1)

Part of Aqua One's new Vibrance Range for 2015, this Orange Cabomba 20cm Plastic Plant brings both colour and beauty to any aquarium. Use in combination with other great value plastic plants in Aqua One's new range.

Easy Balance Water Conditioner 500ml - (from Tetra)

Easy Balance Water Conditioner 500ml - (from Tetra)£17.89   £13.99

Tetra Easy Balance is a trusted and popular water conditioner which helps avoid frequent water changes and can keep water fresh for up to 6 months, whilst promoting the health and well being of aquatic livestock and plants. Easy Balance also helps control phosphate and nitrate levels, helping to substantially reduce algae.