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EuroStyle - Spares & Accessories from Aqua One

See also: EuroStyle 80, EuroStyle Bowfront 80, EuroStyle Corner 85, EuroStyle 100, EuroStyle 120, EuroStyle 150

EuroStyle 80 Aquarium Spares

EuroStyle 80 Aquarium Spares

We have the things you will need to keep your Eurostyle 80 in tip top shape for years to come. The correct filter media, lighting and heating are all available from stock with first class service and delivery.

EuroStyle 80 Bow Front Aquarium Spares

EuroStyle 80 Bow Front Aquarium Spares

Choose from a full range of heating, lighting, filtration, and filter media products for EuroStyle Bow Front 80 aquarium setups. We have every available spare for all Aqua One aquarium along with a complete range of cleaning and decorative ornaments for that perfect finishing touch.

EuroStyle 85 Corner Aquarium Spares

EuroStyle 85 Corner Aquarium Spares

Keep your EuroStyle Corner 85 aquarium in tip top condition with genuine Aqua one consumables. Using only genuine Aqua One products will keep your aquarium looking great and help to promote the health and well being your aquarium inhabitants. Not sure about what lighting to choose? Just give us a call... we're always delighted to help!

EuroStyle 100 Aquarium Spares

EuroStyle 100 Aquarium Spares

Trust Aquarium Parts to help make your Eurostyle 100 a great, long term success thanks to our excellent stock of all the spares and accessories you'll ever need. Don't forget that, if you need to stock up, larger orders come complete with free first class delivery.

EuroStyle 120 Aquarium Spares

EuroStyle 120 Aquarium Spares

Good maintenance is the key to keeping your EuroStyle 120 looking fantastic. So do clean your filter every month and change the T5 tubes every six months to keep everything sparkling and algae levels low. Every component you could ever require is available to short order. Do call us if you are not sure what to order.

EuroStyle 150 Aquarium Spares

EuroStyle 150 Aquarium Spares

The spacious EuroStyle 150 is worth maintaining well so start as you mean to go on with a monthly filter clean and water change. Adding some activated carbon to your filter provides a great boost in efficiency and the best health boosting water conditioners should always be used. If anything wears out or gets broken you can also rely on Aquarium parts for swift replacements at low cost with fast dispatch.

EuroStyle Aquarium Series

Aqua One's excellent EuroStyle Series aquariums bring large screen viewing pleasure in a variety of sizes and finishes, including beech, black and oak. The EuroStyle Rectangular tanks have been revamped recently with matching modern, chunky cabinets available in both black and oak, to match current furniture trends.

EuroStyle 80 Specifications

Available in tank sizes ranging from 80cm to 150cm, the inspiring EuroStyle Series graces any home or office ennvironment. The generous height of the EuroStyle aquaria provides large screen viewing with excellent, high output T5 lighting and canister filtration. A new range of well built, modern cabinets are available for this series, including oak and black.

As ever, Aquarium Parts provides a full range of products each EuroStyle aquarium, from heaters and filtration elements to complete replacement lighting units. If you can't find the exact part you need for your EuroStyle don't worry... just give us a call. We can get every available spare for this series, with most items available from stock.

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Latest Reviews
Marine Blue Flourecense Tube.
Saturday, 14 April 2018  |  John

The fish are once again looking so bright and colourful, it's made a huge difference to the fish and the tank and us, we are once again looking more at the tanks, than we are at the TV, it's been a long time since we last did that.
I have to be honest with you, the customer service is brilliant and the value of the part's are fantastic and the way that the parcel was wrapped up, and the delivery was very prompt and no damage was able to happen to the parcel it was so well wrapped up, I know some people who have Aquastyle tanks and I have been giving them the site address out, left, right and center.
I can't wait to use your services again, I've bought things from other sites and have had some bad experiences, but not anymore, now I have found out how good your site and services are.
I am very, very impressed with what you do and how you do it.
Thank you so much, for giving me one of the best experiences that I have had in such a long time, I really appreciate it.

Tropical Flourecense Tube.
Saturday, 14 April 2018  |  John

I bought the tropical tube in conjunction with the sunlight tube and a new clear light cover, and I am blown away by the difference it's made to the fish and the tank, it is once again a centerpiece of the living room again, people who came to the house just walked past, but not now, they stop and say how lovely it is and how the fish are so colourful.
I've had stuff from other site's and there not a patch on the Aquarium Parts Site and the service, packing and the value of the items on it.
I really can't sing praises so much for the site and the service that I have received from them, I really am glad that I found them and I have been telling everyone that I know that have fish tanks to get on the site and buy what they need, I'm going to have a look at an old tank that's in the shed, and I am thinking of doing it up again soon, so I'll be back buying a few items soon, I hope, if the price is right and the wife let's me spend a bit more time and money on it.
Thanks once again, all of you at Aquarium Parts, for the brilliant work that you have done for me.

Sunlight Flourecense Tube.
Saturday, 14 April 2018  |  John

What a surprise for the fish, they are trying to get every bit of light that they can, just to show off their colours.
Which makes everyone look more at the tank and fish, and with the new lighting cover on, they are really looking very good.
I am over the moon with the value of site and the service I have received, the parcel was delivered, very quickly and it was so well wrapped up, that no damage was really possible to it's contents.
Thanks for that chaps, I'll definitely be using the site again very soon, and I can heartily recommend the service, the value, and the packaging of the items that are bought from Aquarium Parts Site.
It's truly "Top Quality."

AR 850 Clear Lighting Cover
Saturday, 14 April 2018  |  John

Thanks for the new cover, it's made a huge difference in the tank, and it was so cheap.
The Community Fish are wanting to get some sunglasses, it's now so much more brighter, and I had forgotten how colourful the different fish were.
Great site and great quality and value, in the future I will be using the site a lot more.

Light cover
Saturday, 14 April 2018  |  Christopher

Fit and arrived as promised will use again

Top Sellers
Aqua One BioNood Ceramic Cylinders (600g pack)

Aqua One BioNood Ceramic Cylinders (600g pack)£14.29   £8.99


Bionood ceramic cylinders are supplied with both Aqua One's Aquarium Series and their excellent Aquis and Advance Canister Filters because they offer such excellent biological filtration capacity. Change a few regularly to maintain an efficient and stable bacterial population.

Media Container O Ring for Aqua One Aquis CF & Advance Canister Filters

Media Container O Ring for Aqua One Aquis CF & Advance Canister Filters£2.88   £1.99


The Media tray O rings on each media tray in Aqua one canister filters and are important because they make sure that water is correctly chanelled through the canister filter and isn't allowed to escape into the wrong parts of the filter.

Aqua One ChemiZee Zeolite Ammonia Removal media (500g)

Aqua One ChemiZee Zeolite Ammonia Removal media (500g)£7.99   £5.29


Ammonia is a killer in any aquarium. Chemizee is a naturally occurring mineral which will eliminate or reduce Ammonia in any setup. Change regularly for best effect.