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UFO 350 Fluorescent Tubes

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PL11W mix Sunlight (7.1k) & Tropical (8k) Fluorescent Tube

PL11W mix Sunlight (7.1k) & Tropical (8k) Fluorescent Tube£22.79   £16.25


Original Aqua One PL11 Sunlight (7.1k) / Tropical (8k) Fluorescent High Output Energy Saving Lighting Tube

PL11W mix Sunlight (7.1k) & Marine Blue (20k) Fluorescent Tube

PL11W mix Sunlight (7.1k) & Marine Blue (20k) Fluorescent Tube£23.99   £16.25


Original Aqua One PL11 Sunlight (7.1k) / Marine Blue (20k) Fluorescent High Output Energy Saving Lighting Tube

Page 1 of 1:    2 Items

Lighting your UFO 350 Aquarium

Its hard to overstate just how important lighting is to the amount of sheer pleasure you will obtain from your aquarium. You need great lighting to appreciate the beauty of your fish, their colours, their motion and their behaviour. Sadly all fluorescent tubes give of their best over the course of a few months. Many continue to light up after this time but the spectrum of light produced lessens in breadth and intensity so that your fish don't look quite as good, your plants fail to grow as well as they did and nuisance algae begin to really take hold. Trust us here please: exchanging used aquarium tubes every six months will save you time and effort as well as increasing your viewing pleasure immeasurably.

How Does lighting effect the health of my fish?

Lighting does affect the health of your fish, but not directly. If your lights fail and your fish have to wait a little while for new ones to arrive there will be no harm done at all, so you can relax. Long term the story is somewhat different. Great lighting is part of the aquarium ecology, helping simulate a natural environment (remember your fish come from the tropics!), encouraging plant growth and enabling your fish to regulate their internal clock i.e. Is it time to swim about and feed or is it time to sleep. So getting the lights right is a large part of the long term success of your aquarium.

All Spares Accessories for UFO 350 aquarium

Spare Parts for your aquarium is what we do. Not only do we provide every lighting option currently available for your set up but we either stock or can obtain every spare part, filter cartridge, pump, sponge, heater, pipe work,connectors, elbows etc. that Aqua One make for any aquarium in their range past or present. Even if you need two thingummies there is a good chance we have them or at least know what you mean! We are constantly adding new products to the website so do contact us if you don't see what you need at first glance.

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