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Protein Skimmers

Aqua One Protein Skimmers

Brand New in the UK, the Aqua One G Series Protein skimmers are modern counter current skimmers utilising a powerful Needle Wheel injection Pump. The whole range is very easy to clean and maintain, while top quality materials are utilized through out. These skimmers offer high performance at low, low prices.

If, like us, you've frequently regarded protein skimmers as rather over priced items then you will be very pleased with Aqua one's new G series Skimmers.

All the features you could want are there. A large needle wheel pump is included which provides a fantastic mix of air and water into the skimmer body. The skimmers are taller than their competitors giving an increased contact time and the twin flow adjusters give owners the opportunity to choose the water level inside the skimmer and therefore whether a wet or dry skimmate is produced.

The neck and cup of the skimmer are formed in one section and it's really easy to detach this section for cleaning. The cup itself has a large capacity with a take off outlet you can use to direct the skimmate into another container if you so wish.

As usual the manufacturer offers generalised tank capacity recommendations but if you are using these on a reef set up we would suggest that the G216 will be fantastic on set us of up to 250l and its well worth spending the extra £20 on the G220 for setups over this and on up to 500l.

As a final note we've had a G220 on test working on our 400l office reef for a while now and we are very pleased with it - especially so when you remember that it is under £100 and delivered free of charge to your door.

Do contact us if you need any help and advice prior to purchase - we are the Internet's foremost authority on everything Aqua One.

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