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Ornaments & Decor


  Plastic Plants

Vibrance Plants 

Notably natural looking Aqua One Vibrance plants are superbly robust in any aquarium setting. The plants also have usefully heavy 'rocky' bases which are great for keeping them on the bottom of your setup even if you have large fish which insist on constant re-decoration. Buying one of our multi packs represents a substantial saving over buying individual plants


Silk Plants

Enhance the look of your aquarium with Aqua One's stunning range of Silk Plants. Natural, soft and exquisitely designed, these plants look just like real plants in your aquarium. Available in a range of single plants along with great value Multi packs.


Aerating Ornaments

Aqua One's Air Operated aquarium ornaments are a great way to bring much needed oxygen to your setup and completely safe in all aquariums. There's a whole range to choose from this fun range so there's sure to be something to suit every member of the family.  


Sunken Wrecks Ornaments

Aqua One Aquarium Sunken Wrecks Ornaments immediately enhances the appearance of any aquarium. They provide long-lasting beauty with minimal maintenance required. 



Decorative Ornaments 

Aqua One Decorative Aquarium Ornaments create an aesthetically pleasing environment for your aquarium and its inhabitants. You are sure to find an ornament of two to suit your aquarium and style, within the large comprehensive range available.




Add some colour and life to your aquarium with Aqua One's coral ornaments range! When used in aquarium featuring blue LED lighting, the colours are intensified creating a spectacular and mesmerising display (Fluorescent corals only). It brightens up any aquarium, making it the perfect addition!

Aqua One (55c) Carbon and Wool Cartridge for Clearview 280 & Aquastart 320

Aqua One (55c) Carbon and Wool Cartridge for Clearview 280 & Aquastart 320£9.56   £7.45


Genuine and Original Aqua One Carbon Cartridge for use with ClearView 280 aquarium platform 21 and 320 range.

Aqua One 200W Aquarium Heater / Thermostat

Aqua One 200W Aquarium Heater / Thermostat£29.99   £17.99


Genuine Aqua One branded 200W Aquarium Heater Thermostat for aquariums up to 200 litres, including AquaMode 900, AquaStart 900, AquaStyle 850, UFO 700, Aquience Cube 550, Corner 850, Bow Front 850, 1500, Aquanto 182, EuroStyle 80, EuroStyle Bowfront 80, Corner 85, Regency 80, 100, Royale 90, Windsor 66

Intake Stainer for Aqua One Ocellaris Canister Filters

Intake Stainer for Aqua One Ocellaris Canister Filters£4.75

Original Aqua One Intake Stainer to suit all Ocellaris Canister Filters. Simple, convenient push-fit.

Aqua One CF1000 / CF1200 Canister Filter Maintenance Pack

Aqua One CF1000 / CF1200 Canister Filter Maintenance Pack£35.62   £27.99


Refit and renew your Aqua One CF 1000 / CF 1200 for another year of faultless performance. All seals are renewed and moving parts are replaced. Very easy and quick to fit.

Aquis 500 / 700 Wool Pad (2 pack) - 37w

Aquis 500 / 700 Wool Pad (2 pack) - 37w£6.37   £5.99

The Aqua One polymer wool pads for the Aquis 500 / 700 canister filter trap even the finest solids.

API StressCoat Treatment 273ml

API StressCoat Treatment 273ml£11.02   £8.25

API StressCoat Instantly removes chlorine and chloramines, making tap water safe for fish.

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