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New Era Fish Food

New Era Fish Food

Give your fish the very best - Give them New Era Aquarium Products

Our fish Love New Era fish foods and we think yours will too. There are loads of reasons why New Era is so good for your fish:

Ingredient Quality

Many of the raw materials used in New Era Foods are, uniquely, of food quality. Not fish food quality but human food quality. This means they are the best money can buy but it also means they are expensive. We are talking about Icelandic Herring meal and the same grade of prawn meal used in the manufacture of human snack foods….. Even the sea weed used is completely fresh and edible.


The fish nutritionists at New Era really are experts. They are asked to consult around the world by the largest public aquariums. If they can formulate complete diets for 3m long sharks then our neons shouldn’t really be a problem. Every single ingredient is so carefully chosen and your money is spent where it will really count.

Close to Nature

The New Era range is formed exclusively from naturally sourced ingredients and is totally undyed. Hold a New Era Algae flake up to the light, what do you see? That’s right: the fragments of fresh seaweed incorporated into every piece. Marine sea weed goes into the marine products but the algaes chosen for the very popular plec pellets are exclusively fresh water varieties so that they are easy for plecs to digest.

Proudly Made in the UK

All New Era foods are virtually hand made at their factory in Thorne. This enables complete quality control of every ingredient and every batch. It also keeps cost down and, we think you will agree that New Era fish food is remarkable value for the quality you are getting.


Fish just can’t help liking the natural, full flavours in New Era fish foods. Pop a tropical feeder disc onto your aquarium glass and see your fish fight for the food. Hold a pinch of Marine Algae flakes under the water and watch your tangs just slurp them up. Your fish will love New Era and will reward you by growing rapidly and displaying the best colour imaginable.

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