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Moray Powerheads

Whether you are looking to power your undergravel filter, circulate water in your marine set up or transfer water from your sump filtration system you will find the Aqua One Moray powerheads to be fantastic - both in terms of value, output and robust quality. We stock the entire range at the best prices around.

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Aqua One Moray 2600 Power head (2500 litres per hour)

Aqua One Moray 2600 Power head (2500 litres per hour)£65.99   £24.99

The Aqua One Moray 2600 powerhead has a turn over of 2500 litres per hour and is provided with a comprehensive accessory pack to enable it to be used to circulate water or run an undergravel filter. Brilliant for Marine Nano set ups.

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Moray Powerheads from Aqua One

We are constantly amazed by the way every single Moray Power head far exceeds it stated output. We recently measured the Moray 1300 to actually have an output of nearer 2000 litres and under great pressure as well. You can't ask for more at the price.

The Aqua One Moray Powerheads have strong, high output motors, a great range of supplied accessories and they are certainly built to last – a fact that is underlined by Aqua One’s usual, comprehensive three year warranty. An excellent pre filter system stops the power heads inhaling any overly inquisitive fish and maintenance couldn’t be easier or faster.

If you are disappointed by “turbine” power heads that look good but have low turnover and if you need power heads that will work in the tough conditions of a modern marine aquarium then please do try the Moray range. These are great for creating current patterns and easy to hide away.

The two largest models (3600 and 4600) are rather substantial and it’s a bit modest of Aqua one to refer to them as Power heads. Rather they are high output, high pressure sump pumps capable of transferring water from your sump to your main display at a good rate and with a very high reliability factor.

WE are stunned by the value and quality offered by the Aqua One Moray Range – we think you will be too. Please get in touch if you need any further details.

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