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Marine Salt

Australia's best selling sea salt brand is here at last. Designed to exactly replicate the seawater found on the Great Barrier Reef, Aqua One Sea Salt is naturally phosphate and nitrate free, while being especially enriched with trace elements and highly bio-available calcium.

Marine Equipment

Aqua One have a quickly growing range of marine accessories that are both very high quality and superb value. High intensity lighting, undertank filtration and synthetic sea salt are all available from stock at the keenest prices and with Free Delivery. Look out for the new Aqua One protein skimmer range this autumn.

Metal Halide Lighting

The modern reef aquarium relies on high intensity lighting to maintain the health of photo sythetic Corals, gorgonians and anemones. Metal halide offers the highest output, most natural appearance lighting currently available. Aqua One's range of stylish metal halide luminaires features high kelvin rating metal halide bulbs in combination with marine blue actinic PL lamps, to produe a full marine spectrum solution for reef lighting.

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Aqua One Double Ended Flexible Pipe Brush - 1 metre long

Aqua One Double Ended Flexible Pipe Brush - 1 metre long£7.79   £6.99


Ideal for those hard to reach but needy areas, Aqua One's Double Ended Pipe Brush is ultra flexible and a full one metre long, making it great for canister filter hoses and blocked spray bars.

Aqua One Marine Hydrometer & Thermometer

Aqua One Marine Hydrometer & Thermometer£7.39   £3.99

An easy to and extremely accurate that also has a decent thermometer built in. A clear view green segment aids determination of the correct values. The hydrometer is weighted to make sure it always floats at the correct angle for testing.

Aqua One Pipe Brush Set - (pack of 3)

Aqua One Pipe Brush Set - (pack of 3)£5.89   £4.69


An essential to keep your Aqua One setup running well, this handy set includes 3 brushes especially designed to clean all Aqua One pipe sizes. All 3 brushes rinse clean in seconds.

Aqua One Marisys 240 Pro Series 2 Complete Under Tank Filtration System

Aqua One Marisys 240 Pro Series 2 Complete Under Tank Filtration System£299.99   £149.99

Advanced Under Tank Marine Filtration System including Needle Wheel Protein Skimmer, Carbon Filter and multi tray trickle filter complete with all pipework and fittings.


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Aqua One Sea Salt

Synthetic Sea salt is complex stuff and hugely important to the success of your marine aquarium.

Sea water contains a number of bulk chemical salts but this is far from the full story as it also contains a total of 70 trace elements ranging from the fairly well known such as Iodine to the truly obscure such as Selenium or Vanadium. These trace elements are essential for the survival of marine life and any good synthetic marine salt mix needs to contain them all in the correct proportions.

In addition the pH of sea water over the entire earth is remarkably constant due to the presence of three groups of buffering agents. These are the carbonates, bicarbonates and borates. Together they form the Alkali reserve of natural sea water and maintain a pH of round about 8.2. This is another group of chemicals that must be present for sea salt success.

Ultra modern sea salt mixes such as Aqua One sea salt have moved beyond the above not just to mimic nature but to improve on it – if only in small ways.

For example Aqua One Sea salt is very calcium rich because calcium is quickly absorbed by Corals and Coralline algae during their growth and needs constant replacement. Use of such a sea salt mix can reduce the amount of calcium you need to add to your reef aquarium.

Many marine keepers quickly discover that algae grows quickly in a brightly lit aquarium, sometimes far too quickly, smothering Corals and valuable living rock. The best way to control algae is to deprive it of essential growth nutrients such as Phosphate and Nitrate. That’s why Aqua One sea salt is guaranteed free of both these compounds.

Aqua One sea salt makes setting up a successful marine aquarium that bit easier. No wonder it’s Australia’s best selling and best value sea salt.

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