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Aquarium Lighting from Aqua One

Lighting By Aquarium

Lighting by Aquarium Model

All Aqua One aquariums use fluorescent lighting in one form or another. From low energy compact Pl lamps to super skinny high output T5s all are available in a number of colours and outputs. Here at Aquarium parts we have the lot, of course, and all in an easy to choose format which helps you to see the colour output of each tube before you buy.

Aqua One PL Lighting Tubes

PL Aquarium Lighting

All PL lamps are very energy efficient. Aqua One T5 PL lamps add high output and great colour combinations to this recipe. The Aqua One range includes bright Sunlight lamps, deep-sea marine blue lamps as well as the technologically advanced mixed output lamps.

PL Lighting Tubes for AquaNano

PL Aquarium Lighting for AquaNano

Controlled porousity sponge sheets are an essential part of the Aqua One trickle filter system fitted to all AR and AquaStyle aquariums. Here at Aquarium Parts, we stock all available sizes in complete packs to suit any Aqua One aquarium.

T8 Lighting Tubes

Standard 1" T8 Fluorescent Lighting Tubes

Aqua One 1 inch, T8 tubes fit most fluorescent fittings used in aquariums, not only for Aqua One's own range; but also other popular brands such as Jewel and Fluval aquariums. The range encompasses high output, colour enhancing and marine quality tubes. All are high quality and better than most tubes we have seen, while being keenly priced and available from stock.

T5 Aquarium Lighting

T5 High Output Fluorescent Lighting Tubes

T5 lights are essential for good plant growth in deep aquariums or for reef use with Corals etc. Sadly, like every other type of fluorescent tube their output falls off rapidly when they are a few months old. The new Aqua One T5 tubes are the very best we have found with high output and great colour rendering.

Aqua One LED Aquarium Lighting

LED Aquarium Lighting

Aqua One's entire stunning new Radiance Three range of high output Marine Reef LED lighting is now available from Aquarium Parts. Good LED lighting is never cheap but with Radiance you can be certain you are getting the very best with modern, modular construction, an all CREE LED array and flexible remote control. Be certain your investment will repay you in pure fish keeping pleasure.

Aqua One Replacement Lighting Units

Replacement Lighting Units

We stock every lighting unit for every aquarium in the Aquience range. These units are brand new production items, fully sealed for safety and featuring splash proof IP67 end caps. Just look for the light unit to suit your set up.

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