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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will delivery of my order cost?
We have a single delivery charge of just £2.99 per order. Orders of £39 or above are delivered free.

Do you have a minimum order value?
No. All orders are welcome, the delivery charge remains at a flat £2.99.

Do you stock real Aqua One Parts or similar replacements?
We are an authorised Aqua One spares distributor. All our parts are original, UK spec, Aqua One spares.

Are the products on the Aquarium Parts website in-stock or do you buy them in when a customer places an order?
With rare exceptions all spares are in stock and ready for immediate dispatch. Some special orders may take a little longer to obtain - but we receive new shipments from Aqua One several times per week so waiting time should be minimal. We will always keep you informed of any issues with your order.

How quickly will my order be dispatched?
All in-stock spares are dispatched the same day - typical order processing time (from receiving your order to packing) is only a few minutes.

I'm not sure what I need…
No problem. We know the whole Aqua One range inside out and back to front. Just make a note of which product you need a spare for and either give us a call or send a brief E-Mail - either way, we are sure we can help you decide.

How long do fluorescent tubes last?
Although some tubes continue to function for a long time their output spectrum becomes restricted and output levels fall - encouraging algae blooms and reducing plant growth. For best results change the tubes on your setup every six months.

How long do Aqua One filter cartridges and pads last?
Aqua one recommend that you change your filters every six weeks - unless the aquarium is very heavily stocked in which case you should check and change more often.

Why can't I wash my Aqua One carbon and wool cartridges out and re use them?
The activated carbon layer in the combined Carbon and wool cartridges has an effective life of six weeks - after this, pollutants will no longer be adsorbed and water quality will suffer. In short, re - using old carbon and wool cartridges is a false economy and puts the health of your livestock at risk.

I've ordered the wrong spare!! Am I stuck with it?
None of us are perfect…If the part(s) is unused, in its original packaging and was not a special order we are usually prepared to help out with a prompt exchange. Just give us a call to discuss the matter...we may laugh, but we can usually help.

I changed all the pads in my Aqua One filter and now my aquarium is cloudy!!
It's possible to disrupt the biological balance of your setup by cleaning your filter too radically. If you need to change all the filter media in your filter do it in stages and take your time…. If you've already made the error then restrict feeding for two weeks, add a good aquarium clarifier and a decent bacteria culture to restore order - don't keep changing water - then let things settle, it will improve. Don't forget to add some Chemizee to control ammonia levels while bacteria re establish themselves in the filter.

Some friends and I want to club together and place a bulk order for enough Aqua One fluorescent tubes, filter pads and filter media to last us a while. Will you do us a deal on a large order?
We might well. It all depends on the size and content of your order - please contact us to discuss the issue.

I've heard a lot about Ceramisub biological media. Is it as good as they say?
We've got to say Ceramisub is brilliant stuff. It is light and easy to deal with but offers a massive surface area for bacteria to grow on - demand has outstripped supply but it's now back in stock in quantity.

I've searched your site and I can't see the spare I need!!
Don't worry - give us a quick call and we'll soon put you right.

My aquarium looks like an Aqua One setup but is branded differently. Will Aqua One spares be any good for it?
This is a difficult one because there are many small aquarium importers who come and go and fail to support their products. Fortunately the various cut to size pads are a safe bet here. Failing that, measure the old cartridge and give us a call - we'll see what we can match up for you.

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