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Aqua One Thermosafe 100W Heater / Thermostat

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Brand:  Genuine Aqua One Branded Product
Range:  Aquarium Heating


No stock, discontinued  

Genuine Aqua One 100W Aquarium Thermosafe Heater Thermostat for smaller AquaOne Aquariums, including:

AquaMode 600,
AquaStart 500 & 600,
AquaStyle 380, 510
UFO 550.

Ultra safe, Thermal shock proof heater-thermostat to suit aquariums of up to 100 litres in capacity.◾ Toughened glass heater ◾ Thermostatically Controlled◾ Large scale temperature adjuster ◾ 3 year Warranty

◾ Works in AquaMode 600
◾ Works in AquaStart 500, 600
◾ Works in AquaStyle 380, 510,
◾ Works in UFO 550

Aqua One 100W Heater Compatibility

The AquaOne 100W Aquarium Heater and Thermostat is a direct replacement for the existing aquarium heater in Aqua One AquaMode 600, AquaStart 520, 600, AquaStyle 380, 510 and UFO 550.

Buy a Spare Heater

We can't stress enough the importance of keeping a spare aquarium heater as part of your essential set up. Don't be caught out when your aquarium heater fails, have a spare aquarium heater on hand to exchange immediately and so maintain water temperature and ensure your livestock are undisturbed.

Aqua One 100W Aquarium Heater


Replacing your aquarium heater

The cold will get to your fish far quicker than poor water quality or even disease. So its imperative that, if your aquarium is cold, the heater is replaced as soon as possible. Aqua One heaters are pre set to 24-25 degrees Celsius which suits most tropical and marine fish.

Put the heater in your aquarium, attaching it to the glass with the supplied suckers, allow five minutes or so for the heater to acclimatise to the current aquarium temperature and plug in. The heater will raise the temperature steadily (if required) over a period of hours. Don't worry if the heater goes on and off a few times during this time - it is constantly adjusting to the surrounding water temperature.

As the temperature rises your fish will become more active. Keep a close eye on them over the next few days so that stress related illness such as white spot, can be remedied if required.

Need help or advice about aquarium heating? Please contact us

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