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Aqua One PL-36 Lighting Tubes

We stock the complete range of original Aqua One branded PL-36W Lighting Tubes for all Aqua One aquarium setups. Can't find what you're looking for? Simply give us a call and we will locate the correct item for you. We are the leading UK retailer of consumables for the full range of Aqua One products.

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PL36W Aqua One Marine Blue (20K) fluorescent Tube

PL36W Aqua One Marine Blue (20K) fluorescent Tube£23.99  -  £52.99


Original Aqua One PL36 high output replacement Marine Blue fluorescent lighting tube.

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Changing your Aqua One PL-36w Lighting Tubes

Aqua One's high output, energy saving PL-36 watt lighting tubes provide excellent lighting in all aquarium models that use this type of lighting tube. The PL-36 tubes are usually situated behind a clear acrylic cover that will be held in place by wither clips or tiny screws. This is called a Clear Lighting Cover and will need to be removed to allow access to the bulbs.

The tubes themselves have four pins and once the lighting unit has been unplugged from the electriciy supply and the clear cover removed, they can be gently wiggled out of the socket by holding the base of the tube.


By nature, the output of fluorescent lighting starts to diminish the moment the lighting tube is first illuminated and this process continues throughout the working life of the tube. This process will continue gradually and eventually, a point will be reached whereby the output is considerably lower than that of a new tube and a replacement tube should be sought. Typically with a PL-36w fluorescent tube, we'd recommend changing every 6-12 months to maintain good lighting levels in your aquarium, particularly so if planted.

Clear Acrylic Lighting Cover

When changing your PL-36 Lighting Tubes it's a good idea to check the condition of the Clear Lighting Cover as they can become opaque over time. Customer's are often surprised how much brighter there aquarium lighting becomes once a brand new replacement Clear Cover has been fitted.

Guide to PL High Output Lighting

Check out our video below which shows the different types of PL energy saving lighting from Aqua One. It's important to point out that you will need to teplace your PL aquarium lighting with the same wattage tubes that it currently uses. So for example, if you have PL-36w lighting in your AquaStart or AquaMarine 900, you will need to choose your replacement tubes from our range of PL-36w and another wattage cannot be used.

Fortunately, there are several varieties of PL-36 Lighting Tubes available, so that you can acheive the exact look and feel that you require. We also now have a range of PL-36w Multipacks, including, Sunlight, Tropical and Marine Blue variants.

As ever, if you need any help or advice regarding your aquarium lighting requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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