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Aqua One Filtration

Aqua One Filter Cartridges and Pads

Filter Cartridges & Pads

Looking for a cheap deal on filter cartridges or pads for your Aqua One setup? You've come to the right price. We provide many thousands of filter cartridges and filter pads to happy Aqua One aquarium owners every month. Be confident when purchasing your filtration requirements from Aquarium Parts.

Aqua One Filter Media

Aqua One Filter Media

Find the right part at the right price here at Aquarium Parts. From Bioballs to Ceramic Noodles, we've got all the genuine Aqua One filter media you'll need. The full range of Aqua One filter media is in stock and ready to be shipped, including brand new hard to get hold of products such as Ceramisub and BioNood.

Filter Foams and Sponges

Controlled porousity sponge sheets are an essential part of the Aqua One trickle filter system fitted to all AR and AquaStyle aquariums. Here at Aquarium Parts, we stock all available sizes in complete packs to suit any Aqua One aquarium.

Aqua One Carbon & Wool Cartridges

Carbon & Wool 'C' Cartridges

It doesn't get any easier than this. Select the cartridge size for your Aqua One aquarium - fit and forget for up to six weeks. then simply throw away and replace with a fresh one. That's it. Now relax and enjoy a healthy, clear aquarium thanks to You, Aqua One and Aquarium Parts.

Aqua One Wool Pads

Wool Pads

Aqua One filter pads are a really low cost way to keep your setup clean and clear. So easy to replace, Aqua One filter pads are simply disposable. We recommend you change your filter pads every four to six weeks for a healthier and happier aquarium environment. Trust Aquarium Parts every time.

Canister Filter Media

Canister Filter Media

Choose from a complete range of genuine Aqua One filter media, including ceramic noodles, bio balls, highly activated carbon, filter media bags, chemizee / zeolite and more. No one has more choice of original canister filter media, available to ship today,  from stock. Keep your canister filter in perfect working order with Aqua One and Aquarium Parts.

Aqua One Taps & Impellers

Taps & Impellers for Canister Filters

Here at Aquarium Parts we stock every available spare part and accessory for your canister filter,  including filter tap sets and impellers for every external filter model. All filter taps and impellers are supplied with all necessary fittings such as O rings, shafts and rubber end caps if fitted. Keep your canister filter in perfect working order with these essential canister filter spares.

Aqua One Canister Filter Spares

Canister Filter Spares

Trust Aquarium Parts to bring you every genuine Aqua One filter spare and accessory for external canister filter, including Aquis, Advance, Nautilus and Ocellaris ranges. We have Europe's largest stock holding of genuine Aqua One Spare Parts available for immediate despatch to your door. We are experts in everything Aqua One so if you're not sure of exactly which part you require, just give us a call. We are here to help.

Aqua One Internal Filter Spares

Internal Filter Spares

Browse our complter range of Maxi and Moray Internal Filter Spares from Aqua One. Each cartridge, foam sponge and impeller is available from stock and is a genuine Aqua One product for optimum performance in your aquarium. Buy with confidence at Aquarium Parts!

Aqua One Filter Pumps

Filter Pumps

Aqua One filter pumps usually run 24 hours per day, 365 days per year and although they are designed for this some wear and tear is inevitable. If you need a replacement you know you can rely on us. Aquarium Parts stock every filter pump made by Aqua One for every available aquarium model.

Aqua One Impellers


Aqua One filter pumps, canister, internal and hang on filters are near silent running and efficient because they have only one moving part - the impeller. The impeller spins constantly and some wear is inevitable. Fortunately Aquarium Parts stock a full range of this essential spare to enable you to service any Aqua One filter or pump in no time.

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