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Aqua One Chillers

A new range from Aqua One, these chillers are designed to prevent your aquarium getting too hot and damaging delicate livestock such as corals and marine fish. There are currently two models available covering set ups of up to 650 litres.

Aqua One Chiller Expert

Don't be under the impression that a chiller is only for the Summer - modern aquarium set ups are often loaded with pumps and high output lights which all sink a great deal of heat into the aquarium. Sited indoors with little air circulation most aquariums have a very limited ability to lose excess heat energy.

Sadly most corals and fish are sensitive to changes in temperature outside their normal range and losses may quickly result. An efficient chiller can be a fantastic aid in the battle to create a stable temperature in your set up.

Naturally the situation quickly becomes chronic in the Summer with high ambient temperatures making the above situation far, far worse. Once your aquarium is too warm its really too late to bring it back down without some level of damage.

If your livestock collection is valuable you will find a chiller to be a remarkable effective investment - on hot days it will work very hard for you. While on cooler days it will sit silently unless needed: no need to switch it on or off.

No one knows more about the entire Aqua one range than we do and no one will provide better back up on each and every item: do contact our Tec-Team if you think we can help.

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