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Marine Blue T8 Lighting Tubes from Aqua One

Aqua One's T8 tubes are generally available in different three colours. Marine Blue is just that - a deep sea blue colour, Sunlight is a golden white tube whilst Tropical is a softer slightly pink light while . If you are choosing between them there are a few factors which may help you make your choice.

The marine blue tube gives an 'under the sea' appearance to your set up and is superb for marine set ups as the name suggests but do be aware that, if you use this tube in a tropical set up, it will change the perceived colours of your fish slightly which can be fun or slightly odd, depending on your view-point.

The Sunlight tube, by it's very nature is the most efficient and produces the most light - this is ideal where you are trying to grow plants or where good light penetration is required. In contrast the tropical tube is softer in colour with a slightly pink tint - you will not see this in your set up, it will not appear pink in any way, but your fishes colours will be gently enhanced.

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Aqua One 18'' Marine Blue fluorescent Tube - 15 watt

Aqua One 18" Marine Blue fluorescent Tube - 15 watt£17.29   £10.09

Original Aqua One replacement 18" Marine Blue Flourescent Lighting Tube

Aqua One 23.5'' Marine Blue fluorescent Tube - 20 Watt

Aqua One 23.5" Marine Blue fluorescent Tube - 20 Watt£16.99   £12.89


Original Aqua One replacement 23.5" Marine Blue Fluorescent Lighting Tube

Aqua One 24'' Marine Blue Fluorescent Tube - 18 Watt

Aqua One 24" Marine Blue Fluorescent Tube - 18 Watt£21.49   £12.89

Original Aqua One replacement 24" Marine Blue Fluorescent Lighting Tube.

Aqua One 30'' Marine Blue Fluorescent Tube - 25 Watt

Aqua One 30" Marine Blue Fluorescent Tube - 25 Watt£17.99   £13.79


Original Aqua One replacement 30" Marine Blue Fluorescent Lighting Tube

Aqua One 36'' Marine Blue Fluorescent Tube - 30 Watt

Aqua One 36" Marine Blue Fluorescent Tube - 30 Watt£24.99   £16.99

Original Aqua One replacement 36 inch Marine Blue Fluorescent Lighting Tube


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items

Why should I change My Aqua One T8 Fluorescent Tubes?

The light output of any fluorescent tube falls over time and, sadly, after six to eight months at maximum they have given their best and should be exchanged. Old tubes wont show your fish off and wont encourage plant growth but will encourage all kinds of nuisance algae growth. Do you have some bright green slime algae? How about that awful black beard algae? The growth of both of these common aquarium pests is closely linked to older lighting with a decreased spectral output. Once you have an algae bloom its not so easy to get rid of so do invest in fresh new Aqua One tubes on a regular basis.

Can I Swap My Tubes For Different Coloured Ones?

Sure you can. It's part of the fun of having an aquarium and making small changes keeps things fresh and interesting. Fish will adjust quite quickly you will find. New tubes can often appear often brighter and really quite different to the old tubes so give your self a few days to grow accustomed to any changes you make. Also bare in mind that differing tubes can make your fish look different in terms of their colour - don't worry, they haven't changed one bit, its just the way the new light affects our eyes.

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